Prepare the Mind Body & Spirit with Prenatal Yoga Class at Sundance Yoga Studio

The journey through any pregnancy creates many changes in the body for a woman. Prenatal yoga helps to provide the tools needed to manage the physical aches, mental worries, and emotional overloads. Regardless of your pre-pregnancy yoga experience, prenatal will offer a variety of modifications to suit all levels.

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How Is Prenatal Yoga Different?

The foundation of a prenatal class is breathwork (pranayama) and movement through poses (vinyasa). Pranayama techniques will encourage connectedness to self and baby. Pranayama also helps regulate anxiety through calming the central nervous system, which can be incorporated into all areas of life. The vinyasas are grounded in the understanding of what is safe for pregnancy, helpful in keeping the body flexible, reducing aches and swelling thus lessening pregnancy pains. Through a regular prenatal yoga practice, preparation for a calm mindful labor and delivery can aid in lowering risk of complications or stress.

After the birth of your child and the release of doctor’s care, returning to the mat will support the postpartum body. Coming back to the familiarity of prenatal class during the first year is welcomed, giving some much-needed self-care to new mothers while partners or family can bond with the baby.

As long as your physician believes that physical activity is safe for you, come join the Sundance community, reap the benefits of a nurturing yet challenging exercise and find additional support with other mothers.

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Our Prenatal Yoga Classes Are Located In

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