Jessi Guidry

In her early teens, Jessi developed an interest in yogic philosophy. After completing 8 years of
higher education, Jessi finally enrolled in Sundance Yoga Studio’s Yoga Teacher Training. With
the encouragement of Valerie and her compassionate teaching team, Jessi completed her
RYT-200 Certification in 2019. Jessi continues to refine her teaching skills at Sundance Yoga
Studio, but you may see her influence on Sundance shining brighter in the background.

Jessi is the Lead Marketing Representative for Sundance Yoga Studios and is passionate about
sharing her love of yoga to the community. Struggling with her PCOS diagnosis for 10 years,
Jessi was driven to take control of her health by implementing a clean, natural lifestyle- her
yoga practice played a key role in healing her mental and physical bodies. Now, healthier than
she’s ever been, Jessi owns her own company (Beatnik Studios) which advocates for women
with PCOS, guides clients along their natural healing journey, and creates thoughtfully curated
solutions to help eliminate pesky PCOS symptoms. Her firm belief in the benefits of a
therapeutic yoga practice inspires her to educate the public about how yoga cultivates greater
balance and overall wellness in every aspect of life.

Along with being a proud Yogi Hippie and female-driven small business owner, Jessi is also a
loving dog-mom of 2 toy poodles (Joli & Nova) and the most beautiful Tortie cat (Hermoine).
She enjoys all things creative and has been a professional vocalist for over 20 years! Jessi
loves to make people happy so, if you need a small dose of sunshine to brighten your day, just
send a message to Sundance Yoga Studio’s Facebook or Instagram accounts. If you work in
the holistic healing field and would like to partner with Sundance Yoga Studio in marketing
efforts, Jessi is your point of contact.

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