Deborah Beard

Deborah (Deb) originally registered for Yoga classes in 2002, thinking of Yoga as exercise. That quickly changed when she realized in addition to gaining core strength, better balance and flexibility, she was feeling more grounded mentally, leaving behind the judgmental mindset she was raised with. Deb was physically opening her chest for better posture while spiritually opening her heart to mindfully living in the present.

Eventually Deb found Sundance Yoga Studio and fell in love with Valerie's style of teaching. She knew she wanted to follow in all of her beloved teachers' footsteps and took her 200 hour training through Valerie Immore and Kelly Griswold to earn her RYT200 certification in 2010.

Deb began teaching Gentle Yoga at Sundance in 2011.  Her teaching style is a relaxed blend of all the continuing education she has taken since that time.  Her Essential Somatics 'Pain Relief Through Movement' training with Martha Peterson combined with Freedom Style Yoga with Carie Garrett, Yoga as Therapy with Christy Burnett and Kids Yoga training with Anne Bendixen compliment the heart-centered Anusara Yoga she was originally certified to teach.

Deb's goal is to offer a calming, caring, safe learning experience accessible to all those interested in improving their physical and mental health. While teaching students to recognize the physical symptoms of carrying stress in their bodies, emphasis is on recognizing the power of connecting to the Breath to help release stress and mindfully live in the present.

'Psychic Income' is one of Deb's favorite expressions for the fulfilling, satisfying feeling she has when students tell her they are feeling better after Gentle Yoga.

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