I just wanted to work on my flexibility and perhaps strength. What I got was a welcoming community and caring instructors, a variety of classes to challenge not only physical, but also mental constraints that come from living and aging and wear and tear. I am so happy I gave this studio a try! I love it and recommend for all ages, sizes, and activity levels.

Jennifer H.

I have been with Sundance Yoga for 20+ years. The instructors are all amazing. They are talented, creative, knowledgeable of their craft, and so caring of their students. They bend over backwards (literally and figuratively) to keep us healthy.

Catherine O.

Yoga near Friendswood and Pearland

"Thank you SO much for helping me ease back into class 18 days post total hip replacement! Looking forward to Thursday's class."   D.D.


Yoga near Friendswood and Pearland

"My Thursday morning treat is to come to Valerie's 9 am yoga class. Her knowledge and skills always make me leave better than when I arrived."   

Avril F.

If you are looking for live yoga from the comfort of your own home, Sundance Yoga is a great option! I work from home 50+ hours per week; I’m so grateful that Sundance Yoga offers so many virtual classes. The price is affordable; no automatic “gym membership type” renewals. I highly enjoy the Yoga Nidra session with CJ. I sit in my most comfy recliner, listen to CJ’s soothing voice and her guided meditation and feel a deep sense of relaxation. My stress from the day melts away as I just breathe.

Keri N.

Very experienced professional yoga instructors. Caring and serious about proper form incorporating spiritual harmony with your body.

Kathi H.

After years of driving by this studio and thinking about trying yoga, I finally signed up for classes. I have been taking classes for about 7 months and I love it! The teachers are amazing and there are classes that fit everyone’s needs!

Susan H.


 I am so grateful that I discovered Sundance Yoga 12(?) years ago and I’ve been attending every week since! Every class opens, releases and inspires me. Sundance is a unique studio.

Micol H.

I have been going to the Sundance Yoga Studio in Friendswood for years now. It’s a wonderful place to workout, stretch, unwind, get centered, and breathe! Valerie, Sheryl, John, and CJ are all so supportive of all their Clients and the physical and mental benefits, I believe, are enormous. I love the Yoga Level 1, Yin Yoga, and Yoga Nidra classes. They’re my favorites!

Deborah C.

I took prenatal yoga with Monica and it was very relaxing and helped with the anxiety that comes with pregnancy! I highly recommend this class and this studio for all the pregnant women.. it’s a great support group

Elizabeth V.

I love the family I have made at Sundance Yoga! I have been with these folks for two decades now!  The owner is very knowledgeable and kind.  She also provides a Yoga Teacher Training course as well as Visiting instructors from around the world for those students who want to expand their Yoga experience.

Michael B.

Help your local resident and business owner!!! Clean locations in Friendswood and Pearland!!! Also zoom online classes. Yoga is the best way to get in shape and de stress in these challenging times!!! Dual benefits!!!

Donna H.

Love this studio and it’s instructors.

Shawna B.

If you are looking for a yoga studio that feels like family then you want to check out Sundance Yoga Studio. Great classes and fabulous instructors.

Wendy L.

Kudos to Sundance for offering virtual classes during Covid-19. Thanks, Valerie! I live a couple of hours away from the studio, so I would not be able to take Deborah Beard's wonderful Gentle Yoga Class if not offered online. I practiced yoga many years ago and was hesitant to sign up. So glad I did! Deb offers modifications for various poses, ever mindful of her students' needs. Her instructions are clear and her personable, caring spirit permeates each class. Gentle yoga has helped me focus on the importance of proper breathing, stretching, and flexibility. With every passing week, I am getting stronger!

Marilyn M.

I am so excited to have found Sundance Yoga! I am excited to begin this journey. Valerie helped to make the first visit comfortable and relaxing. I start my first level 1 class tomorrow!

Maegan M.

My 1st visit was pleasant and very informative.  I'm looking forward to my future yoga classes!!

Dana L.

Valerie's class was so relaxing I actually fell asleep during savasanna (sp?). Valerie is such a great instructor! We worked out all the parts that needed attention and she has such a great way of teaching, both in terms of "choreography" of the class, so that it flows smoothly with enough work to make it challenging without overworking me. I always feel it was time well spent!

Kathy R.

I love Sundance Yoga!  I’m only in my third week but have enjoyed each class and each teacher. All teach a little differently and I get something new out of each one. I always look forward to going back to my next class!

Kathleen W.

I have attending yoga classes at Sundance Yoga Pearland for at least four years.  All of the instructors are professional but friendly.  After all those years we begin to feel like close friends and family as we support each other through challenges in our lives.  I recommend the classes to all of my friends and invite them to join our group.

Susie M.

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