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Sundance Yoga Studio teaches vinyasa ("flow") style classes based on Anusara Yoga alignment. Anusara (a-nu-sar-a) yoga means to "align with grace"or "to step into the flow". It is a system that unifies proper alignment, for a safe opening of the body, with a celebration of the heart. With the highest intention being to align with the flow of grace, accepting the world and ourselves as we are, and then responding with love.
Sundance operates in four week sessions.  Each session is a 28 day progression with each week building on the week before.  New students are encouraged to start in week one, no later than week two.  We offer a free introductory class twice per session (reservation required).  Please find the different varieties of classes and pricing below.
Each class consists of pranayama (breath techniques), raja yoga (meditation), hatha yoga (body movement) and savasana (relaxation). Yoga is a non-competitive, non-judgmental form of mind/body exercise that develops strength, stamina, flexibility, tones the muscles, improves balance, reduces stress and tension and teaches us to find peace and understanding within all circumstances. We open ourselves to experience and express love, peacefulness and vibrant health in every posture.