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Gentle Yoga

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The Gentle Yoga class is a combination of gentle body movements, breathing, and relaxation

techniques that create physical and mental well-being. The tempo of this class is slow and soothing
to invite an experience of strength and rejuvenation to each student. Everyone is invited to join us
as this class is for people of all shapes and sizes. It is wonderful for students who want to increase
their mobility and balance, especially after an injury or surgery.

A perfect class for students with pre-existing health conditions & those who are 65 yrs or older.
Class includes yoga postures to:
• Improve balance
• Improve mental focus
• Increase flexibility and range of motion
• Increase blood circulation
• Lower blood pressure
• Increase physical tone and strength

For Scheduling Please view Mind Body or go to Scheduling tab

Eight classes - $69.00
For more information, please call Sundance Yoga at 281-482-9642 (YOGA)