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New to Yoga? You'll Fit Right In

It's natural to feel intimidated the first time you enter a yoga studio, even at Sundance. Remember everyone in the studio also had a “first class," including your instructor!. During class, one of our helpful instructors will provide adjustments or assists to help you better align your body, prevent injury, and better position your body in a specific posture.

Sundance Yoga offers a free introductory class twice a month (reservation required).  Our introductory class teaches preliminary breathing, meditation and relaxation techniques.  These classes are small and intimate.  The instructor will discuss etiquette, schedule and prices that best suit your needs.  Click the bottom box, Mind Body to schedule your Free Introductory class today!

For your intro you will need to wear comfortable clothes.  You can bring a yoga mat if you have one or we can provide one for you.  Also, please bring an open mind.  We look forward to seeing you!