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Become a Certified Instructor and Yogi

Interested in promoting regular exercise while sharing your love of all things yoga in Friendswood? You can do just that while indulging your inner yogi -- all you need to do is pursue license as a certified instructor. At Sundance Yoga Studio, we employ certified instructors, and encourage students to become teachers themselves! Depending on the course of study you choose to take, you can obtain the certification required to teach everything from beginner yoga for pregnant women to advanced yoga targeted at the hardcore athlete. Most available classes will involve intermediate yoga, a very important phase during which instructors must assist students in the perfection of an exercise routine that is, by all counts, both physically and mentally demanding.

There are two main courses of study available to the prospective certified instructor: 200 and 500 hour yoga programs. Each is valuable in its own way, providing the training necessary to ensure quality instruction. Choosing a certification program can be challenging, particularly if you're limited by a busy schedule or a small budget. However, with the right planning and an open mind you can achieve a yoga certification and may even be able to teach right here at Sundance Yoga Studio one day! Keep the following in mind as you consider your options.

200 Hour Programs

Does the idea of transforming a complete novice into an accomplished yogi excite you? Do you prefer to work with beginner yoga students possessing somewhat limited exercise experience? If so, a 200 hour certification program just might be your best bet. This program provides the expertise necessary to accurately lead beginner or intermediate yoga classes. During the required 200 hours of instruction, you'll review all the essential yoga poses and exercise routines, as well hints for teaching complicated concepts. No previous instruction experience is required for this program, so it is the ideal fit for any beginner yoga teacher.

500 Hour Programs

You've taught a wide array of beginner and intermediate yoga classes; perhaps you've even delved into the realm of advanced yoga. Now is the time to cement the concepts you've learned thus far while taking your education to the next level. To participate in a 500 hour program, you must have first obtained certification as a 200 hour yoga instructor. If you are an established teacher seeking to expand your skills, a 500 hour course of study could prove quite valuable.

Yoga instruction is challenging, but ultimately, rewarding. At Sundance Yoga Studio in Friendswood we know that once you catch the yoga bug, it's hard to shake it. When being a student isn't enough to fulfill your thirst for yoga, becoming a certified instructor is an excellent and natural next step in your journey as a yogi. You can enrich your own life and sense of serenity while passing along valuable lessons to others who hope to achieve the same health benefits afforded by yoga. Enrollment in a 200 or 500 hour program is an essential step toward the realization of your full potential as both yogi and teacher.